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Peak Design Micro Clutch Plate Grip Strap

Peak Design Micro Clutch Plate Grip Strap

Highlights: • Key Features:
• Full access to camera controls from all sides
• The strap is easy to adjust to fit your hand or camera size
• Magnetic integrated tool for quick battery access
• Low-profile anodized aluminum base plate
• Included Arca-Swicss tripod plate
• Anchor attachment points for compatibility with all Peak Design straps
• Sustainably made
• 100% carbon neutral
• Made from recycled aluminum
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Peak Design Micro Clutch I-Plate Grip Strap
Peak Design Micro Clutch Plate Grip Strap
Product Code: 1015523874
Barcode/EAN: 818373023874
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Peak Design Micro Clutch L-Plate
Product Code: 1015523867
Barcode/EAN: 818373023867
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The Peak Design Micro Clutch is a hand strap specially designed for small mirrorless system camera bodies. The Micro Clutch gives you extra grip on your camera for any kind of photography, whether it's street photography, landscape photography or an extensive portrait session in the studio. The Micro Clutch consists of a base plate and a hand strap, which is easy to attach to any camera.
The base plate is low-profile, made of aluminum and has a hidden mounting tool, which makes it easy to reach the camera battery. The Micro Clutch also includes a removable tripod plate for use with the Peak Design Capture Clip, Peak Design tripods, and Arca-Swiss compatible third-party tripods. A built-in Anchor attachment point allows use with any Peak Design camera strap.

Beautiful, Low-profile Design

This first-hand strap is designed specifically for smaller mirrorless cameras, and it perfectly complements the aesthetics of your camera. Unlike traditional DSLR wrist straps that press your palm against the camera body, the Hypalon finger loop accommodates 2–4 fingers for total security. The axial strap attachment allows the strap to conform to the shape of your hand, and the microfibre wicking pad ensures all-day comfort. Micro Clutch offers safety, stability, and comfort in one beautifully designed package.

The unique design of the Peak Design Micro Clutch gives you a delightful combination of superior grip and enhanced comfort without restricting your access to your camera's front, back and top controls.

Compatibility with Mirrorless Cameras

The Peak Design Micro Clutch fits a wide variety of mirrorless camera bodies.  Choose the L-plate model for mirrorless cameras with a grip and the I-plate model for cameras with little or no grip.  For DSLR cameras, we recommend using the original Peak Design Clutch hand strap. View the compatibility table to see which Micro Clutch you use on which camera.