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Peak Design Slide Camera Strap Lite (Colour Options)


Peak Design Slide Camera Strap Lite (Colour Options)

Highlights: • Features of the Peak Design Slide Ash Camera Strap
• Sling, shoulder or neck strap
• Supports professional DSLR or mirrorless camera
• Adjustable length from 99 to 145 cm
• Belt width: 4.5 cm
• Attaching anchors to camera eye fasteners or plate
• Designed to carry a maximum of 90 kg of equipment
• Reversible smooth and stiff sides
• Includes four anchors and anchor attachment
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In the Box Peak Design Slide Ash Camera Strap 4x Anchor fasteners for Peak Design straps Tripod plate
Peak Design Slide Camera Strap Lite (Colour Options)
Product Code: SLL-BK-3
Barcode/EAN: 818373020514
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Peak Design With the Peak Design Slide Ash Camera Strap in the color gray, you'll wear comfortable and stylish equipment. The belt uses strong, removable anchor attachments to attach to the eye fasteners of your camera or the supplied mounting plate and can carry 90 kg and easily support most DSLR and mirrorless systems. By combining this versatile connection with a long adjustable length of 99 to 145 cm, the Slide can be configured to act as a sling, shoulder or neck strap. The belt has a width of 4.5 cm and is made of lined nylon making wearing comfortable. The belt has two sides: one side is smooth so that the camera slides easily to your eye when you use the belt as a sling, while the other side provides more grip, preventing slipping when you wear the belt on the neck or shoulder. The four anchor attachments supplied can be attached to and removed from the belt with one hand.

SLL-BK-3 (Black), SLL-AS-3, SLL-MN-3 (Midnight), SLL-SG-3 (Sage)
max length: 145 cm (57")
min length: 99 cm (39")
32 mm (1.3")
strap: seatbelt-style nylon webbing, anodized aluminum and glass-reinforced nylon adjuster hardware, Hypalon and leather accents (leather on Ash only)
connectors: glass-reinforced nylon Links with stainless steel springs, 2-layer anti-abrasion woven thermoplastic Anchor cord, thermoplastic Anchor overmolding
104 g (3.7 oz)
Anchor head diameter: 17 mm (.67 in)
Anchor loop length: 43 mm (1.7 in)
length: 30 mm (1.2 in)
width: 20 mm (.79 in)
height (protrusion from camera): 5 mm (.20 in)
strap loops: fits all generation Peak Design Anchors, plus straps up to 13mm (.51 in) wide
Anti-abrasion thermoplastic-corded Anchors can withstand over 200 lbs (90 kg). Safe for use with the largest of professional cameras.
Guaranteed for life.