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Samyang 85mm T/1.5 VDSLR



Samyang 85mm T/1.5 VDSLR

Samyang 85mm T/1.5 VDSLR
Product Code: 7815
Barcode/EAN: 8809298883461
Samyang 85mm T:1.5 VDSLR For Nikon
Product Code: 7815
Barcode/EAN: 8809298883461
Samyang 85mm T:1.5 VDSLR For Canon
Product Code: 7816
Barcode/EAN: 8809298883447
Samyang 85mm T:1.5 VDSLR For Sony FE
Product Code: 7817
Barcode/EAN: 8809298883560
Samyang 85mm T:1.5 VDSLR For 4/3
Product Code: 7818
Barcode/EAN: 8809298883539
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Special Order, up to 8 Weeks lead time For Nikon & 4/3 Mount

* Covers Full-Frame Format Sensors
* Very Fast T1.5 Maximum Aperture
* 8 Blade Iris for Attractive Bokeh
* Geared Focus and Aperture Control Rings
* "Declicked" Aperture Control Ring
* Minimum Focus Distance of 3.28'
* Internal Focusing
* Aspheric Lens Element Limits Distortion
* Lens Multi-Coating Improves Transmission

The Samyang 85mm T1.5 Cine Lens produces a slightly telephoto angle-of-view on full-frame sensors. It features a very fast maximum aperture of T1.5 and an 8 blade iris, for shallow depth of field with attractive bokeh. The focus and aperture control rings are outfitted with industry standard gearing, which provides an interface for working with a traditional follow focus. The aperture control ring has also been "declicked", which facilitates smooth iris pulls.

The 85mm has a minimum focus distance of 3.38'. Internal focusing minimizes the effects of lens breathing, which insures a more consistent angle-of-view when adjusting focus. The lens is composed of 9 elements in 7 groups, including one aspherical element to reduce spherical aberrations. In addition, a multi-coated elements help improve light transmission.

* 85mm focal length for full-frame format
* Very fast T1.5 maximum aperture
* 8 blade iris for attractive bokeh
* Geared focus and aperture control rings
* "Declicked" aperture control ring
* Minimum focus distance of 3.28'
* Internal focusing mitigates lens breathing
* Aspheric lens element limits spherical aberration
* Lens multi-coating improves transmission

Manufacturer Samyang Optics
Model 85mm T1.5 AS IF UMC VDSLR II
Lens type Short telephoto prime lens
Focal length 85mm
Maximum aperture T1.5
Min aperture f/22
Angle of view 28.5 deg (18.9 deg for APS-C/DX)
Min focusing distance 1m
No. of diaphragm blades 8
Focus type MF (Manual Focus only)
Lens construction 9 elements / 7 groups / 1 aspherical lens
Dimensions 78mm x 72.2mm
Weight ~ 513
Filter Size: 72mm
Available mounts Canon, Nikon, Sony A, Sony E, MFT