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Sigma 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN Art (For Sony E)

Sigma 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN Art (For Sony E)


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Sigma 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN Art (For Sony E)
Sigma 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN Art (For Sony E)
Product Code: 612965
Barcode/EAN: 0085126612658
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The world's first* full-frame, F1.8 maximum aperture zoom lens

SIGMA has successfully developed the world's first full-frame zoom lens with a maximum aperture of F1.8. The SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art incorporates an inner zoom mechanism, a minimum focusing distance of 30cm across the entire zoom range, and a filter size of φ82mm. Despite its advanced feature-set, the lens weighs less than 1kg, making it a portable and versatile option for either hand-held shooting or a gimbal setup. 

Constant maximum aperture of F1.8

Once a privilege reserved only for prime lenses, the maximum F1.8 aperture allows full-frame camera users to expose hand-held in low light and produce beautiful bokeh, while enjoying the flexibility of a zoom. This unique optical achievement has been created through SIGMA's accumulated optical design experience and advanced production technology at the company’s sole production base in Aizu, Japan.

Practical and stable inner zoom

Employing an inner zoom mechanism, the overall length of the lens remains constant when the focal length or focus distance changes. This means the lens is easy to use when shooting hand-held, highly stable when mounted on a tripod or gimbal, and more resistant to dust and water contamination.

Consistent close focus

The minimum focusing distance is a constant 30cm across the entire zoom range, with a maximum magnification ratio of 1:4 at the telephoto end, providing excellent close-up shooting capabilities. As well as offering precise focus in confined spaces, the lens can therefore be used close to a subject without affecting sharpness when using the zoom. 

Premium build at a lighter weight

By rights, such a fast zoom should be big and heavy, but while the lens’s rigidity and durability protect its sophisticated optical design, this is achieved at a weight of less than 1kg. What’s more, this reliable photographic tool uses a versatile filter size of φ82mm, meaning no compromise in portability or convenience.

Excellent optical performance
comparable to that of a prime lens

With each optical aberration meticulously corrected throughout the zoom range, the SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art rivals prime lenses for clarity and definition. Thanks to its advanced coatings, the lens produces clear images, even in backlit environments, while focus breathing is thoroughly suppressed, bringing expressive power to film-makers and photographers.

The pinnacle of optical quality in a zoom

Through the effective arrangement of 5 SLD elements and 3 aspherical elements, aberrations are rigorously corrected. Axial chromatic aberration, which is particularly noticeable with large-aperture lenses, has been thoroughly suppressed, and the lens delivers clear images with minimal coloration, from sharply focused details to large, smooth bokeh.

Suppression of focus breathing

When using regular lenses, the angle-of-view can change as focus moves from near to far, affecting precise composition. With the SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art this focus breathing is suppressed, enabling natural focus pulls when shooting video. 

Minimal flare and ghosting

Flare and ghosting, which reduce image quality, have been largely eliminated using advanced simulation technology, ensuring the lens renders rich, high-contrast results in all conditions. In addition, in order to keep flare and ghosting to a minimum, the lens uses SIGMA’s Nano Porous Coating and Super Multi-Layer Coating, producing superior resistance to backlighting and enabling clear, saturated images in all lighting conditions.

High-speed AF speed and innovative features

The SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art delivers a range of professional features as impressive as its outstanding optical performance. With high-speed and adaptable AF, a durable weather-resistant structure, a de-clickable aperture ring, smooth manual focusing and on-barrel AFL buttons, all features combine to create a versatile photographic tool capable of responding to any situation.

Faster focus with a linear motor

The lens’s AF mechanism uses an HLA (High-response Linear Actuator) to combine accelerated focusing speed with exquisite precision. And because the motor is near-silent it allows video recording without noise.

Precise and comfortable manual focusing

To deliver delicate and accurate manual focus, the lens employs a by-wire driven focus ring with optimum torque setting, high resolution and an adjustable rotation angle between 90° and 720°*. This allows film-makers to pull focus with organic smoothness, and photographers to focus manually with outstanding accuracy.

Aperture ring refinements

The lens is equipped with an aperture ring as well as an aperture ring click switch and an aperture ring lock switch, allowing for aperture operation suitable for various shooting situations.

Equipped with two AFL buttons

Located on the side and on top of the barrel, two customizable* AFL buttons can be easily reached in either horizontal or vertical shooting positions. 

* Assignment of functions is limited to supported cameras and assignable functions vary depending on the camera.

Built to withstand the elements

In addition to a dust- and splash-resistant body*, the frontmost surface of the lens is coated with a water- and oil-repellent coating so that it can be used safely even in harsh outdoor environments.

* The product is designed to be dust- and splash-resistant but is not waterproof. When using the lens near water, etc., take care not to allow large amounts of water to splash on it. If water gets inside the lens, it may cause a major malfunction and render the lens un-repairable. 

Includes locking petal-type hood

A petal-type hood is included to shield the lens from light. It has a locking mechanism for secure attachment and can be reversed for easier storage.

Lens Construction
18 elements in 15 groups (5 SLD, 3 aspherical elements)
Angle of View
Number of Diaphragm Blades
11 (rounded diaphragm)
Minimum Aperture
Minimum Focusing Distance
30cm / 11.9in.
Maximum Magnification Ratio
1:4 at f=45mm
Filter Size
Dimensions (Diameter × Length)
L-Mount:φ87.8mm x 151.4mm / φ3.5in. x 6.0in.
Sony E-mount:φ87.8mm x 153.4mm / φ3.5in. x 6.0in.
L-Mount:960g / 33.9oz.
Sony E-mount:950g / 33.5oz.
Edition Number
About Edition Number
Supplied Accessories
Mount / Product Barcode
Sony E-mount:00-85126-61265-8