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Boya Link All-in-one Wireless Microphone System


Boya Link All-in-one Wireless Microphone System

Highlights: • Main Features

• *2.4G wireless dual channel wireless microphone system
• *includes three interchangeable connectors which can be used in different devices
• *One-click Noise cancellation
• *Recharged by the charing case
• *Support Live broadcasting and phone charging Simultaneously
• *Mono/ Stereo mode Selectable
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All-in-one Wireless Microphone System. Fits All Scenarios
Boya Link All-in-one Wireless Microphone System
Product Code: BoyaLink
Barcode/EAN: 6974700653894
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All-In-One Storage Fits All Scenarios The system comes with USB-C, Lightning, and 3.5mm TRS connectors, making it compatible with mainstream smartphones, cameras, and laptops, which is ideal for all vlogs, interviews, live-streaming and more recording scenarios. Plug and Play The TX and RX turn on automatically and pair with each other as soon as they are taken out of the charging case. One Step to Open the Noise Reduction Function To turn on the noise reduction and reduce unwanted noise, simultaneously press the "+-" buttons on the TX. This will make your sound clearer and cleaner. Customize the Sound You Want 0-6 Level Gain Control BOYALINK allows you to adjust the microphone gain level, ensuring optimal sound quality in any recording situation. Selectable MONO and STEREO Functions The mono and stereo functionalities of BOYALINK provide greater flexibility during post-production. 30 Hours Battery Life BOYALINK's TX can record continuously for 10 hours, and the charging case can recharge the mic for two full cycles. The system can be used for an incredible maximum of 30 hours. User-Friendly Buckle Design The BOYALINK RX features an upgraded buckle design, which makes it easier to connect the receiver to adapters. Automatically Frequency-Hopping Technology, Powerful Anti-Interference BOYALINK utilizes advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology, which can automatically hop frequencies to capture clear sound in complex environments. With a 100m operating distance, it is ideal for long-range outdoor shooting. * Measured in an unobstructed environment without interference. Dual-Channel Recording BOYALINK comes with two transmitters, both of which support omnidirectional audio, making them ideal for recording with multiple people. Charge Your Microphone and Device While in Use. Thanks to the Type-C interface on the receiver, you can charge the receiver itself and your recording device while using the microphone for extended periods.

Transmitter & Receiver
Transmission Type Modulation
Polar Pattern Antenna
Operating Range (Without Obstacle)
RF Output Power Distortion
Frequency Response Sampling Rate
Bit Rate Signal-to-Noise Ratio Audio Input
Audio Output
Battery Voltage/ Capacity Power support
In-built Battery Life Weight
Operating Temperature Storage Temperature
Charging Case
Battery Capacity Charging Time
Charging Connector
Times for Charging Microphone
Operating Temperature Storage Temperature
2.4GHz digital frequency Digital modulation Omnidirectiona
Ceramic antenna
Up to 100m
<10mW <0.01% 20Hz-20kHz 48kHz
TX: In-built microphone capsule
RX: 3.5mm TRS USB Type-C MFI Lightning
3.7V/ 95mAh
Built-in lithium battery / Charging Box
TX: Approx.10 hours; RX: Approx. 6 hours TX: 12g; RX: 15g (with an adapter)
TX: 59x16.2x12.8 mm; RX: 61x18.2x12.8 mm 0°C to +50°C
-10°C to +50°C
1000mAh Approx.1.5 hours
2 times (2*TX+1*RX)
97.5g 112x73x33mm 0°C to +50°C -10°C to +50°C