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DJI Mini 2 & SE Propeller Guard

DJI Mini 2 & SE Propeller Guard

Highlights: • Key Features
• For the DJI Mini 2 and Mini SE
• Wraps Propellers in a Protective Cage
• Helps Prevent Damage & Injury in Crashes
• Reduces Flight Time to 18 Minutes
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DJI 360° Propeller Guard for Mini 2/SE (2-Pack)
DJI Mini 2 & SE Propeller Guard
Product Code: CP.MA.00000327.01
Barcode/EAN: 6941565906571

This pair of DJI 360° Propeller Guards for Mini 2/SE wrap the propellers of the Mini 2/SE on the sides and top in a protective cage. This cage ensures that if contact were to take place between the Mini 2/SE and a person or object, the likelihood of injury, property damage, and propeller damage will be drastically, if not totally, reduced. The additional weight of the guards means that the flight time of the Mini 2/SE will come in at approximately 18 minutes.