DJI Osmo Pocket 2

Highlights: • Pocket-Sized
• 3-Axis Stabilized Camera
• ActiveTrack 3.0
• AI Editor
• Excellent Image Quality
• DJI Matrix Stereo
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DJI Osmo Pocket 2
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Pocket-sized and extremely portable, DJI Pocket 2 is a tiny camera that lets you single-handedly record memorable moments. Equipped to stabilize movement and take sharp photos and smooth videos, Pocket 2 gives you the freedom to create magic at hand.

Small Gimbal Camera, Big Moments

DJI Pocket 2 fits perfectly in your hand, bag, or pocket so that you can take it anywhere. When your journey begins or something suddenly catches your eye, Pocket 2 is ready to capture it all.

Single-Handed Capture

Begin shooting in one second to capture photos and videos at the speed of life.

Pocket Sized

Pocket 2 is pocket-sized to take anywhere and capture your moments.

3-Axis Stabilized Camera

By capturing all your moments with professional-quality smoothness, say goodbye to ordinary, shaky video.

Fast Wake

Turn on Pocket 2 and start filming quick so you don't miss catching any moment. The camera starts immediately after switching on, rather than starting with Hello Pocket. To enable Fast Wake, turn on Pocket 2 with the Fn button.

Hello Pocket

Turn on Pocket 2 with a fun, engaging greeting from the camera. This is triggered when you power on with the power button. Upon powering on, Pocket 2 will greet the user with an interactive nod.

Drop Aware

An automatic fall protection behavior. Featured in Osmo Pocket, this version has improved its performance by 30%. Upon sensing a freefall, Pocket 2 will turn its gimbal tilt motor down to minimize damage.

Gimbal Locked

This is the most stable mode for the most challenging environments, such as on a boat. It also works very well for shooting a smooth hyperlapse as you're walking. The camera does not move at all, no matter how DJI Pocket moves.

Gimbal Mode FPV

This mode allows you to put the audience in your point of view, which is especially dynamic for exciting movements. The camera rotates freely and follows the movement of the handle, tilting the horizon if the handle does so.

Gimbal Mode Follow

This is the basic functionality of Pocket 2 to achieve smooth footage. The camera follows the movement of the handle while maintaining the horizon.

Gimbal Mode Tilt Locked

This mode is helpful for making cinematic movements like a crane shot. While still following the handle in left and right movements, the camera is locked facing forward and is unable to rotate up or down.

Follow Speed Fast Follow

Fast follow is great for following fast, dyamic movement. The camera quickly follows the movement of Pocket 2, jus like Sport mode.

Accessory Port

compatible with multiple accessories. Compatible with tripod mount, Do-It-All Handle, and port cover. Will replace the Universal Port as the most important interface for accessories.

93° FOV and 20mm Focal Lens (upgrade)

Bigger FOV allows users to capture more within the frame and the 20mm focal length is ideal for making cinematic vlogs videos. Also creates more ideal composition for selfies.

1/1.7-inch Sensor (upgrade)

1/1.7-inch sensor allows better image quality at day and night. With the help of gimbal, it helps create high-quality videos.

Hybrid AF 2.0

Hybrid AF 2.0 is great for added precision and ideal for a quick response when tracking fast-moving subjects. It allows the camera to focus on the subject quickly and accurately during the day and accurately at night. The auto focus system combines Contrast Detection AF (CDAF) and Phase Detection AF (PDAF), thereby speeding up the AF of the camera.

64MP High Resolution Photo

The upgraded camera and imaging system capture 64MP photos, the highest-resolution among all cameras on the market of this size.

HDR Video

HDR video allows more details and more vivid color. Same as Osmo Action HDR video.

DJI Matrix Stereo

The system consists of four microphones, which offers better audio effects and various sound functions. This stereo recording results in immersive audio that enhances your footage, as if you were transported back to the moment.

Directional Audio

This allows Pocket 2 to pick up sounds in various ways, some from all directions and some from the combinations of particular directions.

Sound Track

Sound tracking adjusts the direction of audio-enhancing, based on the direction of camera.

Wind Noise Reduction

Sound tracking adjusts the direction of audio-enhancing, based on the direction of camera. This cuts down the potentiawind noise by using the built-in microphones. In non-Pro mode, it is on by default. You can choose to turn on/off wind noice reduction function by turning on Pro mode.

Active Track 3.0

ActiveTrack includes FaceTracking and improved pet and baby tracking to help capture all the members of your family. Fully upgraded ActiveTrack with AI facial/object recognition that allows users to track a face, baby, and pet.

8x Zoom

Supports 4x lossless zoom to unlock more possibilities for content creation. Audio zoom (new), enhances audio as the camera zooms.

Audio Zoom

Enhances audio as the camera zooms.

Live Streaming

Livestreaming via Mimo app to Facebook, YouTube.

Slow Motion

8x slow-motion 1080p video (OP1 had 4x 1080p).


Users can set the video format to RAW photo (OP1 did not support it) and video.


Users can set the video format to RAW photo (OP1 did not support it) and video 2 max points can be set when using Pocket 2 alone. 4 max points can be set when Pocket 2 is connected to Mimo.


EIS makes the resulting video much smoother. Uses EIS, which, when combined with ActiveTrack, creates san incredibly smooth Hyperlapse.

180° Panorama

Generates a panorama picture at the touch of a button. Built-in panorama picture, take and preview panorama picture in the camera.

Sphere Panorama

This captures the 360-degree field of view. Can only be previewed in Mimo.

3×3 Panorama

Take and generate panorama picture simply by pressing on the button.

Pause Recording

This allows users to shoot, pause and resume video recording.

Batch Select

Users can delete, like or download multiple images or videos at the same time by selecting them in the gallery.

Story Mode

Users can now access Story mode straight from Pocket 2 and pre-set creative videos without needing to connect to the Mimo app. Mimo was previously needed to access Story mode. Updates to features like this show that Pocket 2 was made to better work independently.

Glamour Effects

Glamour Effects, after-recording beautifying processing in Mimo app and Pocket 2. Enable Glamour effects in Pokcet 2 and preview in Mimo.

AI Editor

The app automatically recognizes the highlight of your footage, combining them into a shareable short video.

Trimmed Download

Users do not need to download the whole video now. Just trim the desired clip and export to the phone, saving space.

Hollywood Quality Smoothness

A 3-axis gimbal stabilizes the camera for smooth video on the move. This technology is also great for creative photos like handheld long exposure shots.


DJI Matrix Stereo technology records audio with so much real detail, it lets you relive the scene.

Stereo Recording

Four microphones on the handle provide surround-sound audio, letting you relive the magic.

Required Operating System:

  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later
  • Requires Android 7.0 or later

Mechanical Range

  • Pan : -250° to +90°
  • Tilt : -180° to +70°
  • Roll : ±90°

Controllable Range

  • Tilt : -100° to 50°
  • Pan : -230° to +70°
  • Roll : ±45°

Product Features:

  • Battery capacity 875mAh
  • Lens and aperture : FOV 93° F1.8
  • Max operation time : 140 min (1080/24fps with camera only)
  • Charging time 73 mins(when using a 5V/2A USB adapter)
  • 120 °/s Max control speed (tilt)
  • 3 axis Stabilization
  • ±0.005° Angular vibration range
DJI Pocket 2
124.7×38.1×30 mm
117 g
Controllable Range
Pan: -230° to +70°
Tilt: -100° to +50°
Roll: ±45°
Mechanical Range
Pan: -250° to +90°
Tilt: -180° to +70°
Roll: ±90°
Max Controllable Speed
Angular Vibration Range
1/1.7” CMOS
Effective pixels: 64 MP
FOV 93° f/1.8
Format equivalent: 20 mm
ISO Range
Photo: 100-6400 (16 MP), 100-3200 (64 MP)
Video: 100-6400
Slow Motion: 100-3200
Electronic Shutter Speed
8-1/8000 s
Max Image Size
9216×6912 pixels
Still Photography Modes
Single Shot: 16 MP, 64 MP
Countdown: 3, 5, 7 s
Panorama: 3×3, 180°
Video Resolution
4K Ultra HD: 3840×2160 @ 24/25/30/48/50/60fps
2.7K: 2720×1530 @ 24/25/30/48/50/60fps
FHD: 1920×1080 @ 24/25/30/48/50/60fps
HDR Video Resolution
2.7K: 2720×1530 @ 24/25/30fps
FHD: 1920×1080 @ 24/25/30fps
Video Modes
HDR Video
Left to Right
Right to Left
Custom motion (max 4 points)
Slow Motion
1080p/120fps (for 4x)
1080p/240fps (for 8x)
Max Video Bitrate
100 Mbps
Supported File Formats
FAT32 (≤32 GB)/exFAT (>32 GB)
Photo Formats
Video Formats
MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
Supported SD Cards
Max 256 GB SDHC/SDXC UHS-I Speed Grade 1 or UHS-I Speed Grade 3 microSD
The following microSD cards are recommended:
Samsung EVO Plus 32GB UHS-I Speed Grade 1 microSDHC,
Samsung Pro 64GB UHS-I Speed Grade 3 microSDXC,
Samsung Pro Endurance 64GB UHS-I Speed Grade 1 microSDXC,
Samsung Evo Plus 64GB UHS-I Speed Grade 3 microSDXC,
SanDisk Extreme 16/32GB UHS-I Speed Grade 3 microSDHC,
SanDisk Extreme Plus 128GB V30 A1 UHS-I Speed Grade 3 microSDXC,
SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB V30 A1 UHS-I Speed Grade 3 microSDXC,
Lexar 633X 32GB UHS-I Speed Grade 1 microSDHC,
Lexar 633X 32GB UHS-I Speed Grade 1 microSDHC.
Audio Output
48 kHz, AAC
875 mAh
6.738 Wh
7.7 V
Charging Voltage Limit
8.8 V
Input Voltage
5 V/2 A or 5 V/1 A
Charging Environment Temperature
5° to 60° C (41° to 140° F)
Operating Temperature
0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
Operating Time
140 minutes
(Tested in a laboratory environment while recording 1080p/24fps video and should be used for reference only)
Charging Time
73 minutes (when using a 5V/2A USB adapter)
DJI Mimo
Required Operating System
iOS 11.0 or later
Android 7.0 or later
Live View Quality
4K/60fps: 480p
Story Mode: 1080p
Other Modes: 720p