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Godox SF4560 Scrim Flag Kit 45x60cm Diffuser kit


Godox SF4560 Scrim Flag Kit 45x60cm Diffuser kit

Highlights: • Features

• Kit Comes with 5x Foldable Flag Panel frames for easy transportation
• Translucent flag material can be used to add further diffusion to your lighting.
• Black Net Flag material can be used to reduce the intensity of the light, without altering the light quality.
• Black Flag Material used to block stray light to prevent unwanted light from hitting parts of your set
• Includes 2x smaller Finger and Dot panels for detailed light control
• Comes in its own Carry Case
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Godox SF4560 Professional Foldable Scrim Flag Light Diffuser Kit What’s In The Box 5x Foldable Flag Frames 1x Single Black Net Fabric 1x Double Black Net Fabric 1x 1-Stop Silk Diffuser Fabric 1x 2-Stop Silk Diffuser Fabric 1x Solid Black Fabric 1x Solid Black Mini Dot Flag 1x Single Net Mini Dot Flag 1x Solid Mini Finger Flag 1x Single Net Mini Finger Flag 1x Carry Case
Godox SF4560 Scrim Flag Kit 45x60cm Diffuser kit
Product Code: SF4560
Barcode/EAN: 6952344225769
Godox SF6090 Scrim Flag Kit 60x90cm Diffuser Kit
Product Code: SF6090
Barcode/EAN: 6952344225752

The Godox SF4560 Professional Foldable Scrim Flag Light Diffuser Kit features three-sided collapsible steel frames, which can be folded down to fit into a small carry case for easy transportation, and hassle-free storage. These flags include 5x different types of fabric, enabling you to block, diffuse, or reduce the light hitting your subject, giving you access to the ultimate light control system. The frame is also open-ended, so there is nothing to cast a shadow when used with the diffusion silks or net screens. The SF4560 foldable scrim flag light diffuser kit consists of 5x flag frames, and 5x different types of fabric covers to put onto the frames. The kit also comes with 2x small circular flags (Dot Flags), and 2x small rectangular flag panels (Finger Flags) for use with smaller subjects or for fine-tuning the lighting. The SF4560 scrim flag light diffuser kit is perfect for cinematographers and photographers that are looking for a quick and easy solution for controlling their lighting. Suitable for both video and photographic usage Compact & Versatile Scrim Flag Light Diffuser The SF4560 professional scrim flag light diffuser kit contains 5 flag frames and fabric screens to assemble for shaping, blocking, or diffusing the light, as well as 2 fingers and 2 dots to allow more precise adjustments of light on small objects. Ample Control of Lighting Effects. Below is a list of the effect each type of flag gives: Black Single Net and Black Double Net Screens The black single and double net screens are used to reduce the amount of light falling onto your subject, without reducing specularity. These are ideal for use in situations where you need to reduce the amount of light on one subject, without affecting the other. Black Net scrim used to reduce light intensity without affecting the quality of light 1-Stop and 2-Stop Silk Screens The 1-stop silk screen produces a moderate amount of diffusion. It reduces contrast and specularity, as well as opening up areas in shadow. The 2-stop silkscreen, does the same thing to a greater degree to further reduces contrast and specularity and opens up the shadows a little more also. Shows the effect of Silk Screen Diffuser fabric Solid Black Fabric The solid black fabric enables you to block light completely from hitting parts of your subject or set. It can also be used to cast shadows onto your subject for added mood and effect. Solid Black Flags used to block excess light Industry-Standard Color-Coding The SF4560 professional foldable scrim flag uses the industry-standard color-coding scheme, enabling you to quickly select the correct flag when on-set. Solid Black Fabric - Black border Double-Net - Red Border Single-Net - Green Border Two-Stop Silk – Yellow Border One-Stop Silk – Grey Border

Flag Dimensions 45x60cm
Finger-Flag Dimensions 10x35.5cm
Dot Flag Diameter 15cm