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Elinchrom D-Lite RX ONE Head only

Elinchrom D-Lite RX ONE Head only

Highlights: • D-Lite RX ONE
• Delivering approximately twice the power of speedlights, the D-Lite RX ONE is a small but robust compact flash from Elinchrom.

• The versatility of the Elinchrom system remains in its accessory range: Whereas it is difficult to change the hard nature that characterizes speedlights, Elinchrom has some of the best accessories allowing the photographer to change the nature of their light.

• Used outside the studio, the D-Lite RX ONE is the perfect creative companion to an existing Speedlight system, making use of the in-built intelligent slave Cell to offer perfect flash synchronisation.

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Elinchrom D-Lite RX ONE Head only
Product Code: 20485.1
Barcode/EAN: 7630006309680

The D-Lite RX One is a simple, easy-to-use unit for anyone who wishes to get started with flash photography.

  • Your perfect starting point from Speedlights
  • Delivers twice the power of speedlights
  • Small yet robust flash unit
  • Compatible with many accessories
  • Power range from 100 Ws to 6 Ws
  • Short flash durations for sharper images and stop motion
  • Accurate exposures with consistent colour

When a workshop becomes a studio for a day!

In this photoshoot, swiss photographer François Marclay captures the process of creating products from scratch and recycling old ones to give them a second life. With the D-Lite RX One To Go Set, François managed to find just the right light to reflect the unique atmosphere of the workshop, and give it a true authentic look.


  • Built-in receiver for triggering and power control with the Elinchrom Transmitter Plus
  • Intelligent pre-flash detector system
  • Controlled cooling fan
  • Adjustable proportionality of the modelling lamp range
  • Variable f-stop steps : 1/1, 1/2, 4/10, 1/3, 2/10 or 1/10 
  • Programmable ready beep tone
  • Compatible with many light shapers
  • Centered 7 mm umbrella shaft for the deflector set
  • Stand bracket with additional umbrella fitting
  • User replaceable plug-in flashtube
  • Power auto-dump, will automatically adjust the flash power when reduced to a lower value
  • Multi-voltage auto-detection: 90-270 V (excluding modelling lamp)


20485.1 D-Lite RX 2
20486.1 D-Lite RX 4
Energy J/Ws 100 Ws/J 200 Ws/J 400 Ws/J
F-Stop (1m, 100 ISO, Reflector 48°) 32.4 45.3 64.3
Power Range F-Stop 5
Power Increments in F-Stop 1/10 to programmable 5/10 - 1/1
Power Range Display (f-stop equivalent) 1/1,1/16
Power Range WS 6 to 100 Ws 12 to 200 Ws 25 to 400 Ws
Shortest Flash Duration at Power Setting 100 Ws 200 Ws 400 Ws
Flash Duration t0.5 at Max. Power 1/2200 1/1200 1/800
Sync Socket 3.5 mm Jack
Power Stability ± 0.5%
Recycling Time 230 V (FAST) 0.44 to 1.5 s 0.2 to 0.6 s 0.35 to 1.2 s
Sync Voltage 5 V
Auto Power Dumping Adjusts power settings automatically
Max. Power Consumption 230V / 50Hz 140 150 (during charge : 370)
Max. Power Consumption 115V / 60Hz 170 180 (during charge : 280)
Voltage Multivoltage 90 - 260
External Length 190 mm 260 mm
External Width 140 mm
External Height 190 mm
Weight (max.) 0.9 kg 1.3 kg 1.5 kg
Flashtube N° 24009 : Plug-in, user replaceable
Umbrella Fitting Centred tube for EL-umbrellas ø 7 mm Stand bracket with extra umbrella fitting for larger umbrella shafts
Fan Cooled Microprocessor controlled fan with thermal cut-out
Supplied With Mains cable, sync cable, flashtube, modelling lamp and protective cap
Colour Temperature at Max. Power 5500 K
Modelling Lamp - 115V E27 100 W / 90 V (effective 150 W) - 23006
Modelling Lamp - 230V E27 100 W / 196 V (effective 150 W) - 23002
Modelling Lamp Mode Proportional, min, max, off
Skyport Type Integrated transceiver, 8 Frequency Channels and 4 Groups with full RX features
Hi-Sync No Yes (camera dependent)