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Elinchrom FIVE Monolight Kit (20960.1)


Elinchrom FIVE Monolight Kit (20960.1)

Highlights: • Always charged up for any adventure, inside or out.
• The new Elinchrom FIVE with Active Charging lets you work in the studio
• while actively charging your battery, so you’re always ready for your
• next adventure. Unplug and work on location with up to 450 full-power
• flashes. The Elinchrom FIVE features a continuous running modeling
• light and lets you shoot longer, with quicker recycling times and no need
• to slow down.
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BOX CONFIGURATION 20960.1 1x Elinchrom FIVE - Monolight 1x Elinchrom FIVE - Battery 20962 1x Wide Reflector 16 cm (6.3’’) 26170 1x Elinchrom 65W USB-C Wall Charger 11052 1x Elinchrom Hard Case for FIVE 33255 2 Year Warranty BOX CONFIGURATION 20961.2 2x Elinchrom FIVE - Monolight 2x Elinchrom FIVE - Battery 20962 2x Wide Reflector 16 cm (6.3’’) 26170 2x Elinchrom 65W USB-C Wall Charger 11052 1x Elinchrom Storage Bag 33236 2 Year Warranty
Elinchrom FIVE Monolight Kit (20960.1)
Product Code: 20960.1
Barcode/EAN: 7630006327035
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Elinchrom Dual Moonlight kit
Product Code: 20961.2
Barcode/EAN: 7630006327028
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Elinchrom FIVE Battery
Product Code: 20962
Barcode/EAN: 7630006325963
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Product Code: 24092
Barcode/EAN: 7630006323785
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Barcode/EAN: 7630006326946
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ELINCHROM FIVE KEY FEATURES • Active Charging Connect the Elinchrom FIVE to a power source and continue shooting while charging regardless of the battery’s power level. • Detachable High Capacity Li-Ion Battery Enables up to 450 full-power flashes on a single charge. • USB-C Charge Port Charge the Elinchrom FIVE from any USB-C source without proprietary spare batteries or chargers. • Tough and Reliable The FIVE is designed like a workhorse. Optimised cooling and electronics allows photographers to shoot at full power every 1.6 seconds without batting an eye. • Elinchrom Modifier Mount Natively compatible with Elinchrom accessories. Plus, the comfortable grip makes it seamless to adjust your lighting. • Bicolor 26W LED Modeling Lamp Adjustable Color Temperature of 2700K to 6500K and an output of 4000 Lumens with a CRI 95. • Sync up to 1/8000s with HSS Freeze motion, overpower ambient light and darken backgrounds. • TTL with Manual Lock Enables a quick switch from TTL to Manual without losing exposure settings. • Smart Pro-Active Cooling The Elinchrom FIVE learns your shooting style and adapts its cooling cycle around it. • Built-in Bluetooth Adjust settings and control via the Elinchrom Studio App without the need for the Elinchrom Bridge.

Energy (Ws/J) 522
F-Stop (1m, 100 ISO, HP Reflector 26 cm (10.2”)) 90.4
F-Stop (2m, 100 ISO, HP Reflector 26 cm (10.2”)) 32.8
Power range (F-Stop) 7
Power range (Ws/J) 7 – 522
Power range display 1/1 to 1/64
Power increments in Manual / TTL mode (F-Stop) 1/10th / 3/10th from – 3.0 to +3.0
Flash duration t0.1 min/max power (Normal mode) 1/1800s – 1/200s
Flash duration t0.1 min/max power (Action mode) 1/8080s – 1/250s
Recycling time min/max power 0.01s / 1.6s
Flash mode Manual / TTL / HSS (with Transmitter Pro)
Standard mode Optimized color temperature over the power range
Action mode Faster flash duration over the power range
TTL mode / HSS mode Yes (with Transmitter Pro)
Flash colour temperature at max power 5600 K (Standard) / 5900 K (Action) / 5500 K (HSS) Please note that the measured colour temperature might vary depending on the accessory, environment, and time of day.
Flash colour stability over the power range (all modes) ±200 K
Power stability ±0.5%
Auto power dumping Adjusts power settings automatically in real time
Fan cooled Smart Pro Active cooling
Input USB-C
Flash tube (plug-in user replaceable) Article code: 24092
Glass dome transparent Screwed with 3x Torx TX10
Sync voltage 5V (compatible with all cameras)
Sync socket 3.5 mm jack
Battery Li-Ion - 82Wh / DC 14.4V
Battery flash quantity min/max power (LED lamp OFF) 14’600 / 450
Battery flash quantity min/max power (LED lamp ON 100%) 6000 / 350
Battery charge status On the battery / unit display and the side logo of the unit
Charging time (with 65W USB-C Wall Charger)
Battery plugged in unit
80% – 1h10
100% – 1h35
Battery out of unit
80% – 2h00
100% – 2h35
LED modeling lamp modes On/Off, free, proportional, VFC
LED modeling lamp power 26W / 4000 lm / CRI 91-94
LED modeling lamp color temperature Presets from 2700 K to 6500 K
LED run time (LED only, min/max power) 30hours / 2h15
Skyport (built-in) 20 frequency channels, 4 Groups
Skyport distance range (Transmitter Pro, manual mode) Indoor: up to 60 m / Outdoor: up to 200 m
Bluetooth (built-in) Version 4.2 / Compatible Studio Software Win, Android, Mac, iOS