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Fujifilm Tele Converter Lens TLC-X100 (Black)


Fujifilm Tele Converter Lens TLC-X100 (Black)

Fujifilm Tele Converter Lens TLC-X100 (Black)
Product Code: 16534742
Barcode/EAN: 4547410339086
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Fujifilm Tele Converter Lens TLC-X100 (Silver)
Product Code: 16534730
Barcode/EAN: 4547410339079
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Converts Lens to 50mm (35mm Equivalent)
Magnification Factor: 1.4x
Super EBC Coating
Construction: 4 Elements / 4 Groups
Minimum Focus Distance: 5.5"
Front Filter Thread: 67mm
Matches Look and Finish of X100 & X100s
Made in Japan

The Fujifilm TCL-X100 Telephoto Conversion Lens is a 1.4x conversion lens for the 23mm lens on an X100 or X100s digital camera. It converts the lens to 33mm, which is a 35mm equivalent focal length of 50mm. For maintaining optical quality this lens has a Super EBC coating which minimizes ghosting and flare, even wide-open at f/2.0, to ensure excellent sharpness and contrast.

The TCL-X100 is designed with a construction of 4 elements in 4 groups which allows it to focus as close as 5.5" for macro photography. And, for ease of use, the camera will produce markings within the optical viewfinder and provide 100% coverage with the electronic viewfinder allowing proper framing of your subject. You can even use filters due to a 67mm front filter thread. This converter also matches the finish and design of the cameras to provide a seamless look.

Compatible Cameras
Fujifilm X100 with firmware version 2.10 or later & X100s with firmware version 1.20 or later 

Magnification Factor 1.4x
Focal Length 33mm (35mm equivalent: 50mm)
Lens Construction 4 elements / 4 groups
Minimum Focus Distance 5.5" (14 cm)
Front Filter Thread Size 67 mm