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Fujifilm X-H2S File Transmitter Grip (FT-XH)


• For X-H2S Mirrorless Camera
• Supports Wired and Wireless Transfers
• Transfer Speeds Up to 600 Mb/s
• Holds 2 x NP-W235 Batteries
• Extended Grip for Vertical Composition
• Secondary Shutter Release
• Function Buttons and Control Dials

Fujifilm X-H2S File Transmitter Grip (FT-XH)

Fujifilm X-H2S File Transmitter Grip (FT-XH)
Product Code: (FT-XH)
Barcode/EAN: 4547410469615

Dedicated to the FUJIFILM X-H2S mirrorless camera, the FT-XH File Transmitter Grip vastly improves the networking capabilities of the camera. It has fast Wi-Fi connectivity, with speeds up to 600 Mb/s, along with wired LAN connectivity for in-studio tethered shooting.

The file transmitter also brings the usual benefits of a battery grip, such as shooting in the vertical orientation and being able to accept two additional NP-W235 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to increase shooting capacity. In terms of its physical design, the extended shape incorporates a secondary shutter release button as well as a focus lever, AE-L button, AF-ON button, front and rear command dials, and Q button to mimic the camera's own layout for intuitive handling.

Communication Functions

  • FTP transfer by wired LAN, wireless LAN, or via USB smartphone tethering
  • Tethered shooting by wired LAN or wireless LAN
  • Remote recording by wired LAN or wireless LAN; capable of controlling up to four X-H2S cameras from a browser at the same time