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K&F Industrial Endoscope Dual Lens Inspection Camera

K&F Industrial Endoscope Dual Lens Inspection Camera

Highlights: • Industrial Endoscope Dual Lens Inspection Camera 1080P HD, 5.5mm with Metal Cable and 4.3' IPS Hard Screen, 8 LED Lights Hydro Camera, 20M(65.6FT)
K&F Industrial Endoscope Dual Lens Inspection Camera GW45.0010
K&F Industrial Endoscope Dual Lens Inspection Camera
Product Code: GW45.0010
Barcode/EAN: 6975482328871
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* 【5.5mm/0.21 Inch Probe】: More Professional: This 5.5mm inspection camera is the latest industrial inspection endoscope, ideal for inspection in pipes or areas not visible to the naked eye, it can easily pass through small pipes in large mechanical equipment, photography and recording video is more clear and stable, providing great convenience for after-the-fact re-examination and discussion.

* 【Upgraded Semi-Rigid Cable - More Durable】: This snake endoscope cable has been newly upgraded, the inner layer is wrapped in special metal materials, enhances the toughness and plasticity of the rope, can more effectively through various angles of the pipe or sewer, the outermost rubber tightly wrapped inner tube, our camera and cable waterproof level reached more than IP67, rest assured that the sewer inspection work.

* 【1080P Dual Lens】: Wide Field of View: Our plumber inspection borescope features a new camera on the side of the front camera, six led lights on the front camera, two led lights on the side lens, and an upgraded CMOS chip can capture clearer pictures and fluent video, even can quickly switching front and side cameras when recording. No mirror needed, perfectly solves the problem of glare and blur in the side-view mirror of the old endoscope. letting you record down the full-view situation.

* 【4.3 Inch IPS Color Screen】: The focal range of this sewer inspection endoscope camera is 3-10cm/1.2-3.9 inches, the frame rate is 30fps/s, and 30 pictures are generated every 1 second, which allows you to directly watch real-time HD images on the color IPS screen.

* 【Dual-camera endoscope】: It supports up to 32GB memory card ( included 32 GB memory card) that supports JPG images and AVI video and is widely used with a variety of life and industrial inspections. Can be used for HVAC inspection, refrigerator inspection, sewer/drainage pipe inspection, wall structure inspection, house maintenance, car maintenance, industrial machinery inspection, drain pipe maintenance, aircraft inspection, etc. is a family and the company must have excellent inspection tools.

What Makes This Endoscope Unique From Others?

Heat-Resistance: Cable--32°F to 221°Fmax(0°C to 105°C), recommended to use below 176 °F; Camera--32°F to 150°F(0°C to 65°C), Perfect for mechanic work like car engine/cylinder/HAVC/electronic equipment.
All Round Protection: We specially wrap the cables in nylon bags. Not only protect the cable and lens during transportation, but also protect the lens from scratches and keep the cable clean during use. The host has covered with silicone protective shell, the screen has protective film and you will get the protective cap for front lens.
Time-Saving: No need APP, Phone, Bluetooth or Wifi. Just use the monitor to real-time work.
Humanized Design: The ergonomic design and friendly user interface and simple button icons, make it perfect for quick and proficient one-handed operation. Also comes with a lanyard for easily carry.
IPS Screen Better Than LCD: Anti-blur 2.0 and ensure grabs ultra-clear picture; Upgraded color flipping and brightness conversion to view the real high-quality images; Thinner monitor panel, improve display effect; Full-view angle.
Anti-Interference Signal Transfer: Enhanced signal transfer, giving you smooth and fluid video without latency.

Multifunctional Application:

Industrial Use: Aviation Aircraft, Automotive, Motorcycle Engine Checking & Maintenance, Furnaces, Pistons, Gears, Compressors, Boilers, Condenser Tubes; Plumbing, Heating Vents, AC Vent Pipe, Machine Equipment Inspection; Building & Construction, Cable Routing, Refrigeration, Sailboat/Diesel Inspection.
Daily Use: Household DIY, Air Conditioning, HVAC inspection; Swimming Pool, UnderWater & Bathroom Pipeline, Sewer Line, Wall Inspection; Toilet Passages, Roof Leaks, Water Leakage or Blockage Troubleshooting, Camping Equipment etc.
Science Research Use: Biological Plants Viewing, Small Animal Viewing, Bird Nest Viewing, Lab Equipment etc.


1 x 4.3 inch Endoscope Host(Lanyard, Silicone Protective Case, Screen film)
1 x Retractable Cable
3 x Auxiliary Accessories(Hook, Magnet, Protective lens Cap)
1 x Exquisite Box
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

1 x 32GB TF Memory Card


Resolution 1920*1080
Camera Design 2
Pixel 2m megapixels
Camera Diameter 5.5mm
Adjustable LED Lights 8 LEDs
Focus distance 30-80mm
Waterproof Level IP67
Camera Angle Adjustment /
Transmission Distance /
Battery Capacity 2600mAh
Cable Length 20M
Support System /
Included 32GB Card Contains
Wifi Support No