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Nikon Power Battery Pack MB-N12


Nikon Power Battery Pack MB-N12

Product Code: MB-N12
Highlights: • Key Features
• For Z8 Mirrorless Camera
• Accepts Two EN-EL15-Series Batteries
• Hot-Swappable Battery Slot
• Extended Grip for Vertical Composition
• Second Shutter Release, Dials, Fn Button
• USB-C Port for Charging or Tethering
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Nikon Power Battery Pack MB-N12

The Nikon MB-N12 is a multi-battery vertical grip that provides both additional power and a more comfortable grip when working in the vertical shooting orientation. Its design incorporates a secondary shutter release, control dials, and a function button for more intuitive shooting control. The MB-N12 can accommodate two EN-EL15-type batteries, which provide around 1.8x longer battery life than the single in-camera battery, and one of the batteries can be hot-swapped for on-the-fly battery switching. A USB-C port is featured, too, for connecting to an external power source, for charging via the EH-7p or EH-8p, or for tethering or connecting the camera to other equipment. Also, batteries can be charged inside the grip even when it's not attached to the camera.

Nikon MB-N12 Specs
Battery Type 2 x Battery Pack (EN-EL15c / EN-EL15b / EN-EL15a)
Tripod Mounting Thread 1/4"-20 Female