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Pentax AF-201 FG Flash

Pentax AF-201 FG Flash

Pentax AF-201 FG Flash
Product Code: AF201FG
Barcode/EAN: 27075288973
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Pentax AF 201 FG

Power: 2x AAA (Alkaline or Ni-MH) not included
Dimensions: 6.5W x 7.25H x 3.1D cm
Weight: 141g, excluding batteries
The AF201FG auto flash unit is designed for use with PENTAX lens-interchangeable digital cameras. This compact, portable unit has a maximum guide number of 20 at ISO 100/m, and features a dustproof, weather resistant construction to provide solid, dependable operation even under harsh outdoor conditions including rain and mist.

Compact body, with dependable dustproof, weather-resistant design for outdoor shooting - This auto flash unit has a compact, well-balanced body ideal for use with PENTAX K-series digital SLR cameras and the smaller, lighter Q-series lens-interchangeable models. Thanks to 18 seals applied in crucial parts of the body including the hotshoe, it features a highly dependable dustproof, weather-resistant construction. When paired with a dustproof, weather-resistant camera body and lens, it assures solid performance, even in harsh outdoor conditions such as rain and dust.

Bounce flash function up to a 135-degree tilt angle - The flash head can be adjusted vertically to 10 different angles (-10, 0, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120 and 135 degrees) for bounce flash operation. By bouncing the flash discharge off the ceiling or wall during indoor shooting, the user can soften the subject’s shadow to create more natural, true-to-life portraiture.

Simplified, dial-access operation - This flash unit features a simplified operating system that lets the user start flash photography instantly by turning the discharge mode dial, which double-functions as the ON/OFF switch. In addition to the OFF position, this dial provides a choice of four discharge modes: P-TTL auto flash with leading-curtain synchronization and P-TTL auto flash with trailing-curtain synchronization, in both of which the flash’s preliminary emission is detected by the camera’s light sensor to accurately control the main discharge level for proper exposure; and manual flash with full discharge and manual flash with 1/4-level discharge.

Other features - Built-in wide-angle panel that slides out to cover 20mm angle of view (in 35mm format)

Flash Coverage Angle

K series (APS-C) 16mm 13mm *

Q series 4mm 3mm *

645D 30mm 25mm *

Vertical Coverage 53° 85° *

Horizontal Coverage 70° 98° *

Wide-range panel used.
Technical Specifications

Type: Clip-on, P-TTL auto flash unit with series control

Guide Number: Maximum 20 (ISO 100/m).

In manual mode, two-step adjustment from 1/1 or 1/4

Flash duration: (M1/1) flash: Approx. 1/TBD sec. (P-TTL) Fastest duration time: Approx. 1/TBD sec

Recycling time/Total number of flashes

AA Alkaline (LR03) / Recycling time : Approx. 7 sec. / Total number of flashes : Approx. 80

AA Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) (2500mAh) / Recycling time : Approx. 4 sec. / Total number of flashes : Approx. 100

Effective flash range: Approx. 0.7 m - 8.0 m (Guide No. 20, ISO 100, F/2.0)

ISO range compatibility: ISO 25 - 1600

Flash modes: P-TTL auto (Leading curtain sync, Trailing curtain sync), Manual (FULL, 1/4)

Flash output compensation: Operation from the camera body

Flash output setting: Manual flash: (1/1, 1/4)

Flash sync modes: Leading curtain sync, Trailing curtain sync

Bounce flash: Vertical bounce possible, click stops provided, need to release the bounce lock for -10°

Upward: 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 105°, 120°, 135°

Downward: 0°, -10°

Power saving: Automatic power-off: After approx. 3 min. of non-operation with the power on

Quick power on: By pressing the camera’s shutter release button halfway

Red-eye reduction: Operates with autofocus cameras equipped with red-eye reduction feature

Wide-angle panel: Pull out manually

P-TTL auto flash unit
Guide number of 20 at ISO 100/m
Bounce flash function, adjustable to angles of -10 to 135 degrees vertically to soften the shadow behind a portrait subject.
Dustproof, weather-resistant design for outdoor shooting
Built-in wide-angle panel to cover the angle of view of ultra wide lens
Powered by Two AAA batteries
Compact and lightweight for high portability 141g only