• For Nikon 1 Lenses and Cameras
• 10mm & 16mm Extension Tubes
• Shortens Minimum Focus Distance of Lens
• Autofocus & Auto-Exposure Functionality
• Aluminum Mounts, Copper-Plated Contacts

Viltrox Automatic Extension Tube Set for Nikon 1

Viltrox Automatic Extension Tube Set for Nikon 1
Product Code: DG-1N

Shortening the minimum focusing distance of Nikon 1 lenses, the Automatic Extension Tube Set from Viltrox also enables you to achieve a greater maximum magnification for close-up shooting with any lens. This kit contains 10mm and 16mm tubes, which can be used independently or in combination for up to three different lengths to suit different subject types. Additionally, integrated copper-plated contacts maintain full autofocus and auto-exposure functionality, and each ring feature durable Nikon 1 front and rear mounts.