Vosker V300 Wireless Security Camera

Vosker V300 Wireless Security Camera

Highlights: • In brief the V300 Features:

• Live view mode
• Built-in solar panel
• Colour photos by day, black & white by night
• Video recorder
• Vosker cloud storage
• Vosker SENSE AI image recognition
• 100ft detection range
• 100ft flash range
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Introducing the Vosker V300! Introducing the NEW Vosker V300 wireless security camera, the first in the Vosker range to offer the much-anticipated Live Audio-Video Streaming mode and the ability to transmit HD video directly to the Vosker app! Also featuring LTE wireless connectivity, a built-in solar panel, and motion activated full-HD video recording capabilities with audio stored straight to the Vosker cloud, the V300 offers greater autonomy and ultimate surveillance capabilities in areas with limited or non-existent access to electricity and Wi-Fi connection.
Vosker V300 Wireless Security Camera
Product Code: VOS-V300-INTL
Barcode/EAN: 628504653395
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Ideal for several applications, the V300 is the perfect security camera for those wishing to maintain observational control over construction sites, commercial properties, farms, holiday homes, rural properties, rental properties, parking lots, and marinas; sending notifications straight to a connected smart phone or tablet whenever the camera is triggered through reliable LTE network connectivity — providing the strongest available connection at all times.

Solar Powered

The long-lasting 14,000mAh lithium battery and a weatherproof solar panel provide months of outdoor surveillance before a recharge is needed.


Remains operational in heavy rain, snow, and other precipitation, keeping the desired location well-observed in all types of conditions.

Live Audio-Video Streaming

The V300 is the first in Vosker’s range of wireless security cameras to offer the all-new Live Audio-Video Streaming mode. This mode provides real-time surveillance capabilities, offering complete control over the observation area from the palm of your hand, with the ability to check on the surroundings instantly — whenever, wherever!

Built-In GPS

GPS allows you to pinpoint the exact location of the V300 in instances where the camera has been misplaced or stolen, offering peace of mind.

Rapid Setup

Provided with 16GB SD card and preactivated SIM card for quick and easy setup of the V300, taking only a couple of minutes.

Black & White Night Vision

The V300 uses high power 850nm infrared LEDs to provide a 100ft flash range, allowing the camera to capture crystal clear black & white images and video during the night. The IR LEDs remain invisible, so attention is not drawn to the camera when triggered by human or vehicle activity.

The V300's large motion sensor lens provides a 90° ultra-wide-angle field of view, opening up the observation area further than any wireless security camera in the Vosker range and allowing the user to spot activity that would have otherwise remained unobserved.

Vosker App

Access live view, view photos captured on the device, customise notifications to receive only the relevant alerts, and more with the FREE Vosker app.

Vosker SENSE

Uses AI technology that differentiates between vehicles, humans, and wildlife, only sending a notification when human and vehicle activity is detected.

Security Plans

A range of security data plans is available, all of which include the pre-activated SIM card and Vosker AI tools, with no extra activation fees. One plan is required for every Vosker security camera on your account. See below for each plan's benefits.